The exhibition and performative actions of Making Movement were presented in February 2017 at the ADPML gallery in Geelong (Australia): a visual spatial and durational narrative of the creative research Form Mind Body Space Time. Four overlapping spaces were defined by movable partitions, creating a path whose loop was also representing the conceptual path of the research.
The first room, titled "Being, Vitruvian", consisted of a 'movement infrastructure' enclosing three 3D printed intersecting golden rectangles with inscribed golden spirals and the silhouette of a stylized human body. replaced by the performer's body during performances.
The second room "Designing and Making" displays representations of the five regular polyhedra with quotes from Plato. A glass case with a display of 3D prints includes models of Platonic solids with an Archimedean spiralat the center of each polyhedron face. Each spiral represents rotational movements for upper and lower limbs.
Two canvas scrolls are hung on the west wall with frames from the video recording of indoor and outdoor practices.

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