The title is inspired by Hannah Arendt's "banality of evil" and draws on my latest art/social practice, based on my personal experience of survivor of bullying and domestic violence. The project was initially an autoethnography based on my life experiences of the past four years, revolving around different, yet intersecting, themes.
     The first theme is divorce and corruption of the "legal" system involved in family law. My divorce case is somehow similar to several hundreds cases assigned to judge Laura Drager, as outlined in this petition. Families are destroyed by the greed of attorneys and anybody else involved in the "divorce industry". The main victims are the parties with economical and social disadvantage: my marriage was defined by income and social inequality.
     The other theme is bullying and gentrification. While I was undergoing traumatic divorce proceedings I was subjected to prejudicial treatment, harassment and abuse of power by the co-op board of the Upper West Side building where I have been resident since 1989. My story can be contextualized in gentrification: NYC neighborhoods have been transformed in the past decades, but the increase of real estate value is proportional to the decrease of community values.
     Finally the project addresses the inadequacy of various bureaucracies which should be involved in protecting victims of domestic violence.

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